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I'm a guitarist and singer currently living in Naples, Fl. Originally from Chicago I spent 20 years in Nashville Tn. working with various country artists including Randy Travis, Ricky Van Shelton,

Pam Tillis and Frizzell and West. My TV credits with some of these artists include The Tonight Show, Austin City Limits, Good Morning America, Live With Regis And Kathy Lee, Jerry Lewis MD Telethon, Farm Aid and various awards shows.

I play a variety of musical styles including classical, pop, jazz and country. I recorded a classical CD titled, "For Family And Friends"

I am currently working in Naples at The Founders Bistro on Saturdays with a trio from 7pm to 10pm and at The Bay House Sunday through Wednesday 6pm to 9pm 







Bachianinha - Michael Blasucci
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Mason Lane - Michael Blasucci
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Fra Tanta Gente -
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Scratchin The Surface - Michael Blasucci
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Chet - Michael Blasucci
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Sample - Tessie and Mike
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Blue Bossa - With trio
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Don't Wait Too Long - With Trio
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One More Day - With Trio
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